DroboApps on DroboPro

is it possible to install DroboApps on DroboPro ?


No, unfortunately it isn’t.

DroboPro only does two things over ethernet: Dashboard and iSCSI. It doesn’t run any interactive software or services - storage or otherwise. When it comes to the Pro, just think of your ethernet cable as a faster form of firewire. It will help.

let’s hope that it will be possible with future firmware

thanks for the reply Corndog

If this is the case, the website needs updating


DroboApps are community-created, community-supported applications for Drobo, DroboPro, and DroboShare.

Yes, you are correct. As far as I know, the DroboPro will not work at all with the Droboshare, and as the apps only run on the DroboShare anyway, it is completely impossible to use them with the DroboPro.

DRI? Anyone from corporate reading this? Please update your DroboApps site. It incorrectly leads people to believe you can use the DroboApps with your DroboPro. You cannot.

There are DroboApps that are written for just the Drobo. No droboshare needed to run those.
ie Time Tamer, Windows Capacity Filter, and Linux Dashboard.

DroboPro is listed there for users who develop the apps for DroboPro.

Curious … I asked in the developers forum but got no response on this. The SDK doesn’t seem to cover the DroboPro … are there any updated tools available?

Its not possible to run applications on the processor in the DroboPro. Are you wanting to write something that interfaces directly to the DroboPro? If so, you can use the current SDK and its USB interface.

No I was hoping for applications that ran directly on the drobopro (as the droboshare apps, etc do).