DroboApps on Drobo-FS

So I followed the directions to install the Drobo Apps Admin Utility and reset the Drobo, but when I enter the IP with the port 8080, it cannot connect. Anyone have DroboApps up on their FS yet?

Same issue for me. Hopefully, someone will come to our rescue!!

Posting a followup: Called tech support and DroboApps not working is a known issue. Sorry, we’ll have to wait for an update.

Glad to know it isn’t me this time!! Thanks for checking with Tech Support!!

DroboApps DO work on the FS.

The DroboShare apps do not work on the FS.

Later this week we will have the DroboApps for the FS posted on our website. Once those are posted, you will be able to download and use them immediately.

So, later this week the current DroboShare apps will be posted for use with FS?

Later this week Drobo FS DroboApps will be posted.

@ athenaustrian

How is the speed of your FS?


DroboApps for FS have been released:

Apache DroboApp is required to be installed for DroboApps Admin Utility to run.

To be honest, quite good, but I am stuck on a 10/100 network, so I would not be the best judge of that. We are a web firm, so 100MB is about the bulk of what we would send/receive. Good reports on the Internet though.

Hi Jennifer, this page contains a link to the Droboapps for Droboshare but the link is broken http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/apps-for-drobo.php

This is the link for the DroboApps for the DroboShare: http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/index.php

Will have someone fix the link.

Ok forget my link for the droboapps for droboshare it’s now http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/apps-for-drobo.php

So the link off of the droboapps for FS works. :smiley:

Quick question regarding the difference between apps for the Drobo Share and Drobo FS, does the SDK for the original Drobo Share work with the Drobo FS or will there be a new release to support the FS?

No. There is a new (and improved) SDK. I’ll be posting it soon.

Pure ftp Version: 1.0.28_1 for the drobo fs apparently corrupts files when it transfers. Tested it from work today send/receive and the file I tested with (small pdf) was corrupted when it came back to my workstation at work. The pure ftpd web site mentions a fix in version 1.0.29.

We just bought our drobo Fs and we are trying to connect that with NFS share . I see utlility for NFS in Droboaps , but since we are new do not know where we have install it and how ?
Thanks in adavnce

Make sure you are using the DroboApps for FS.

Follow the directions here:


I guess my next question is, why does OS X 10.6.3’s firewall keep me from seeing Drobo Dashboard, but still lets me see the drives?

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll contact the developer and see if they will produce an update.