DroboApps not installing upon reboot or SSH (manually)


I’ve read through this and various other forums for about 6 hours trying to resolve these issues on my own, but since I’m still at a stand-still, I’m hoping someone here might be able to shine some light upon the subject for me. I have talked to Data Robotics themselves, and they had me send along a diagnostic file. I’m going to paste in my email to them, as I attempted to put in all the steps I have tried up to this point.
At the beginning, I was [and am] trying to get NFS support enabled…as it seems needed for usage with a device on the network. Now I’m seeing that nothing tends to be working, though.

Worth mentioning, but not mentioned below – trying to SSH the file to install does not work, either…

If it would be helpful, I can post a dropbox link for my diagnostic .zip file…?

Thanks for your help, everyone; need to resolve [at least] the NFS issue fairly quickly, otherwise I have to return the product I had purchased (Mede8er unit) within the return-period.

“Paste” commencing… :slight_smile:

I will try and outline the steps and procedures I’ve done as best as I can, and also try and mention exactly what I’m looking to do.

Overall, I’m trying to install DroboApps, some which are officially supported through the dashboard, And others which I’m trying to install manually.
Some apps, it seems like other users are able to install is very easily… Whereas these steps are not giving me the same results.

I spent about six hours trying to look through the community forums and resolve issues on my own, but I have been unable to do so.

One of the very most important apps I’m trying to install so I can have NFS support on the unit, here is a link to the TGZ file for my 5N model:
To install, supposedly you navigate to the DroboApps folder, put the file there, and then restart the Drobo; it should auto-detect and install the app during the reboot process (create appropriate directories and copy files, etc), and then delete the original .tgz file.
Having done this numerous times, unfortunately, nothing happens with the TGZ file… No folders are created, the file remains in the same place, and no app shows up in the dashboard for it.

The other method of installation mentioned is to use DropBear to initialize installation manually, and without needing a restart. Dropbear is specifically mentioned on the official DroboApps page at:
And lists the same manual installation instructions that I attempted above for the NFS TGZ file. Removing all other TGZ files and only attempting to install the dropbear.tgz one did not work either. I was only able to get it to work by manually extracting the TGZ file into the DroboApps folder, And then upon rebooting the unit it did show up in the dashboard as “running”.
Doing this for the other apps I’m trying to work with, however, does not work. NFS, for instance, will give an error that it is unable to start.

Notably, even the Couch Potato app, which is already listed in the Drobo dashboard as an app ready to install, fails to install correctly as well. After clicking install, I will get a window that states “This app failed to start. Please try again.”
I have read this is potentially because the app itself is dependent upon the python app being installed, but since no apps will install manually via the above-mentioned methods, I cannot install this official one either.
The Python library / app for the 5N is located here:

At this point any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated; I’m pretty tech savvy and have spent A good amount of time trying to resolve issue… but at this point it seems it something beyond the scope of my understanding.

Thank you very much for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you.

After many, many hours…I wanted to report the (stupidly simple) solution to why the drobo apps were not installing:
I’m a mac user using Safari. Apparently when TGZ files are downloaded by safari, they are auto-decompressed (without prompt) to a TGA file.
Since the Drobo is expecting a TGZ to install the app, it was never initializing the install process successfully. Downloading with Firefox preserved the proper “TGZ” file & then either restarting the Drobo or using dropbear to SSH into the droboapp folder & initializing manually worked fine. :slight_smile:

It was only after I finally noticed that I was putting a TGA file, not a TGZ file…that I started to figure out the issue.
Hopefully this will keep someone else from pulling their hair out. :wink:

Thanks for posting that. I was having a similar issue. Using Safari, downloads were changing to .TAR though. I would re-name and the file would disappear and it would create the root folder but nothing after that.

When I think of the hours wasted lol…

Absolutely on point! Used Firefox and files downloaded as TGZ files installed without any issues. Thanks! Only cost me two hours of time to find this answer…