DroboApps Newbie

Very new to the DroboApps world. I’ve enabled droboapps through the drobodash, should there be something that is under drobodash that allows me to install drobo apps? I have a droboFS.

I read how to manually install some apps, and have some installed (dropbear and plex) but having a problem getting plex to run. Is there a way to manage the droboapps other than a drag and drop to the droboapps share? Something easier?

I’m sorry, but the FS won’t run Plex. The Plex app is 5N-only for two reasons: (1) the FS does not have nearly enough processing power or RAM to run Plex, and (2) Plex is compiled in such a way that it is not compatible with the FS’s CPU.

More bad news: the DroboApps section on the Dashboard is only available for the 5N. For the FS you have to install them manually like you are currently doing.

Wouldnt say bad news per say… but not as easy to manage it sounds like.

Is there a list of apps that are supported on the FS? Im really looking for a UPNP server, mediatomb work?

Also, since I’d have to manually install said apps, is there a way to verify that they’re actually running? Webpage or something to configure? I’d also like to get sabnzbd to work too, currently I run it on my local box and have powershell scripts to move the data

Well, on DroboPorts.com all apps are FS-compatible unless specified otherwise. As for knowing whether an app is running or not, it is basically on an per-app basis. In other words, there is no centralized way of telling. There was an old droboadmin webapp that would show you the status of apps on the FS, but I’m not sure whether it still works.

Good to know… Can you tell me why I’d be getting a permission denied error when trying to start some apps?

/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/mediatomb/service.sh: line 1: can’t create /dev/null: Permission denied

Im puttying into the DROBO as Admin

To start and stop apps you need to be root.

Is the root pw different than the admin PW thats configured in the drobodash?

EDIT: Nevermind, its “root”