DroboApps how to


Recently bought the FS, installed all apps …

Is there absolutely no info available on how to configure, use these apps in one single place?

Seems like I need to read half the internet, as an example, I want to be able to safely connect from outside my network (@ work :wink: ) to maybe look @ the files that were downloaded, possibly stream them or download some to the computer outside.

I don’t mind using cli or whatever, but as long as I don’t know what works with what safely I am not even going to try, maybe something clashes with something else and I loose all my TB’s.

Like … can I use Putty?
How do I setup the ftp server when I don’t have a fixed external IP without URL?
Do I need something like dyndns or do I make some kind of webserver?
I’m using Windows (but have over 10 years of experience with Linux) so can I use a dropbear Windows client?

List goes on and on :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love a How To as well and I’m sure everyone that owns one would like one too.

Add me to the list.

This is the single and most important feature i miss today (beside web-interface for administration but that is not as important as this)

me too, I’m not a programer and really didnt know what I was getting into trying to setup the droboFS…

This is a pretty board request since every drobo app really needs its own how to and I can completely understand how someone new to this might have trouble finding those details. Can you all be more specific about what you would like to see in a “DroboApps How To”? If you think of it as a FAQ, I just need the questions that you think need answered and I’ll put something together on my site.

Also, I’m documenting any apps I distribute on my site and plan to add more. I can open up my wiki to anyone else who wants to distribute their app or post guides for them in a central location. Anyone interested should just send me a PM.

I can write a FAQ on some of the apps already available and how I set them up with captures of the ssh sessions etc. I know j_hah does his own builds etc.

I’ts a discrepancy, that Drobos hardware is so easy to use and the droboapps aren’t. It has to be put in Order.

They are not hard to use but hard to find info on.

To me it is understandable that Drobo does not support community written software, but at least support and write tutorials for basic software like ftp, ssh … this is a NAS for crying out loud, not an external HDD, “username=root password=root” just doesn’t cut it.[hr]
Maybe Wicki needs to be updated, I’ve already put a list on there with all software with version, now if someone else writes the rest :slight_smile:

It’s a bit of a double-edge sword.

DroboShare and DroboFS are Linux-based and therefore a “platform” much like Windows or Mac OS. DroboApps run on that platform, but aren’t written by DRI.

Even if DRI went ahead and documented all the different apps, it’d be a ton of work to maintain that - updating for each veresion, etc. Plus DRI legal probably doesn’t want to “endorse” any particular app.

Wiki is definitely the best way - community-supported for community-contributed stuff.

If DRI is ADVERTISING APP’s as a big sell point, then yes they should put in a ton of work along with the developers that write apps specifically for their product. It would be one thing if it was simply open source, and DRI didn’t smear their website with adverts for Drobo APP’s and provide direct access to them. However, that’s not the case.

Every other company that has developers produce products for their flagship brand, go to great lengths to ensure that those products keep in line with their brand identity. In DRI’s case, ease of use/plug and play system. Sadly, this could not be further from the truth when it comes to Drobo Apps. There is NO documentation, No instruction (beyond installation), and NO support. If your not an IT specialist, with in depth knowledge of the Terminal and DOS, you’re out of luck. At which point It’s like a used car salesman selling you a car with autopilot. It only works when somebody else is driving the car.

So, here’s a real easy starter for 10!

I use a Drobo FS (and, yes, the firmware is still a bit buggy ;-)) and I’m not afraid of the command line. However, I know bugger all about linux and native linux apps.

I know I would love to try to use Rsync to sync my itunes folder on my Windows 7 PC with my Drobo, plus sync an off site PC with this Drobo. If anyone out there can tell me how to do that, I’d be more than willing to contribute my experiences to any such WIKI.

I applaud Jhah for his persistance with Media Tomb and I’d love to figure out how to work that also, but first I need my shiny black box to act as the back up machine I bought it as :wink:



I thought about doing this as well, but I have not for the sole reason that I don’t want to document someone else’s application and then have it become out of sync with the app once it’s updated. Honestly, I find nothing more annoying then finding documentation on a website that is completely out of sync with the application that it documents.

I would much rather see the drobo app community of developers and users become more organized and I’m trying to find ways to do this. I have reached out to a few devs directly and haven’t really gotten much response other than a few people who don’t work on apps anymore.

I put up my site over a weekend because I wanted a place for mediatomb and subversion and my future apps and I would be happy to provide a wiki platform for anyone else interested in contributing apps or anything else to the community.

So Zerox20, PM if you really want to work on docs and want to help me try to build up a community wiki around drobo apps! This offer is still good to anyone interested in contributing or who wants to help.[hr]

Take a look a DeltaCopy. It appears to be a better solution for windows than using any of the cygwin based rsync solutions. I personally haven’t used it, but thats where i would start.

Feel free to PM me or start a new thread on this specific topic and then once it’s working we can convert it to a how to guide.

There is only one sticky, on Apple no less.

Maybe the easiest way is to make threads, update the first post with all valuable comments, update them until completely correct, once an app is kind of complete make a sticky out of it???

Used to make things like that for customers of the companies I worked for and for internal use as well, after some time you’ve got a knowledgebase …

i’ve done that with my mediatomb app post and there are issues with doing it that way:

  • Only the original poster can edit the original post which limits collaboration to keep it updated.
  • Only forum moderators can make something sticky
  • Not everyone goes back and reads the first post no matter how clear you try to make it.
  • to be honest, search on these forums is not great and they aren’t open to public search.

we need a better platform such as a wiki to do it correctly.

I hear ye, count me in, been way too long that I actually contributed to forums, last year I’ve only been a lurker on most :wink:

I do understand what you’re saying but in my opinion, if there is enough info available, eventually people will find it but right now there isn’t much to go around on how to’s so kinda discouraging at first.
Wiki would be nice.

Hopefully the Wiki of Drobo FS will be better than of my HDX 1000 mediaplayer :stuck_out_tongue: now that thing costed me weeks of my life from frustration :smiley: