droboapps download page broken?

Hi there,

First of all apologies if this post is in the wrong section. I’ve had a quick look around and this looked like the right place but I’m new here so please excuse me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

So I bought my first Drobo + Droboshare this week and last night I was keen to start downloading some apps for the Droboshare. Problem is at about 9pm GMT last night I noticed that I couldn’t get to any of the individual app pages. Like :


The main Drobo corporate site loaded just fine, and the same thing happened when I tried to download it at work (different internet provider) so I’m pretty sure the problem wasn’t on my end. Also my home machine is a Mac (safari) and my work machine is a Win7 PC using Firefox. I’m pretty sure it’s not a browser issue though.

About 2-3 hours ago I noticed I can now get to the page for individual apps, but after checking the box for the license agreement and clicking the download button nothing happens :frowning:

I know there’s some duplication of the download part of the forum, but I couldn’t get one of the apps from the forum to work and I wanted to try the package on the Drobo site.



I am also finding that I can not download any of the apps. When I try the download simply does not start. Nothing.

Anyone else find this. How can I download apps ?

Same issue. Too quiet from DrI

This is very poor. Downloads broken for three days now :frowning:

is someone from Drobo reading this Forum?

yes, but they dont work weekends (from what i can gather)

Yes, we don’t work on weekends and I had Friday off. Sorry.

Looking into it now.

so there is only one person covering the forums?

and if you are ill, go on holiday, or (heavy forbid) have an accident, we’re on our own?

how many drobos have you guys sold again…

1 customer rep for how many customers…

thats a pretty bad ratio?

um is there an answer in all this?

Downloads work for me.


i guess but fuppes is like 2.8 while the app site says 11mb

and why cant we accessit from admin page?

but do you see them from droboadmin web interface?

I don’t use droboapps.