DroboApps Admin Utility 2

The DroboApps Admin Utility makes installing, configuring, and uninstalling DroboApps even easier. Once setup, you can install other DroboApps without the need to reboot your DroboShare. The DroboApps Admin Utility also provides a way to directly restart your DroboShare without needing to pull out the power cord.

See enclosed ReadMe.pdf for more details.

Please note that the Admin Utility calls an external php script to check for new versions. No data is collected. If you don’t want it to check, then turn off auto updates in the DroboApps Admin Settings page. It will not effect the functionality of the utility, but you will not be automatically notified of any updates.


Author: hal9000

I downloaded DroboApps Admin Utility. When I open the url, I get the page but there are no apps to add? What am I doing wrong?

I’m having the same issue of not seeing any installable apps.

same issue here this is ridiculous. i just want to know why?