Droboapps Admin Util not working?

I have installed the admin utility, and I can see it installed or at least went from a compressed file to a folder. I have all the lates updates installed, according to the dashboard. However I can not open up the admin utility. I browse to http://ipaddress:8080 and get nothing but a page that says it couldnt load the page.

Do I have to do something else to get this to start up?

I just installed the Droboapps admin and it works great.
You just have to uncompress the file into the DroboApps folder and you have restart you droboshare (poweroff/poweron).


Im having trouble decompressing the dashboard app file. It shows to e a zip file, but my winzip doesn’t recognize the format. Any clues where I can download another version?

I was able to get ssh installed and working, and have tried many times in many ways to delete the droboapps admin util, but just can not get it to delete. I have deleted the folder and restarted. I have renamed the folder and restarted, it just named it back to the original name, I have logged in via ssh and deleted the folder all with no luck.

Anyone got a suggestion?

I am happy to hear that I am not alone with the same problems mentioned above.

Desperately waiting for the solution…

Hi all!

I’m experiencing the same issue. I activated DroboApps, installed Admin-Util (the archive got decompressed upon reboot) - it looked all fine, the app seemed installed, DroboShare nicely responded to ping in OS X terminal.

However, no response whatsoever in browser at port 8080.

Another issue, that might be related, though it seems not, is that DroboShare refuses to acquire an IP adress from the Time Capsule DHCP server. I have to configure the network settings manually.

Any ideas?

Similar problem here:
Downloaded & installed DropBear OK - works fine.
DL’d DroboApps Admin and cannot install successfully.
The .zip archive unpacks in Leopard, there is a droboadmin.tgz file which unpacks in Drobo to an empty directory.
If I manually unpack the droboadmin.tgz file and place the binary in the droboadmin dir and reboot, nothing happens…

Any help on installing this would be appreciated - I would like to use BackMyFruitUp to get Time Machine working across the network…


I had everything working fine until the new firmware install. Now, I cannot see the admin page on 8080 and my droboapps are no longer working. I tried reseting the system to default an it still does not work. I am looking at a complete reformatting to get back the way I was with the older firmware.