DroboAppAdmin Installs, but can't be seen...

Hello all,

So first time caller, long time listener. Can’t say enough about all the help you’ve been giving the folks here. Seems like a good community.

So I come to you with a query:

I have installed the drobo admin app and have also installed apache (i know this because i can see the page that says apache is installed and it has a link to the droboappadmin app too).

When i click on the link to the droboappadmin it says 404-not found.

Now this is kind of silly, because I can see the directory that im in on the server (through being mounted to the droboapps dir) and i can see that it’s all there, just seems to be an initialization error.

I can replace the index.html file in the apache/www/ dir and see a change in the front end, so apache is doing what it’s supposed to, but for the life of me cant get to the /droboadmin/ dir.

Strange no?

I can access the drobo from both it’s IP and is Network Name (in this case FS6_drobo is the same as

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,