DroboApp requests

Well, I just finished my first DroboApp and looking for new ideas.

If you could have a DroboApp to do anything… what would it be?

At least for me: I’d like to see an upgraded version of FUPPES for it’s bug fixes, should be easy enough, but I haven’t had much time to build it and test. It would also be nice to see some improvements to the drobo-utils package, which is basically a linux port of dashboard. Primarily, I’m wondering if we’d ever have the ability for it to pick up the drobo and it’s status over the network like the windows/mac version does, however I realize DR has some issue with this as that gets into proprietary territory etc… but it would be nice.

Firstly, If there is an existing fuppes project I don’t really want to step on the original packagers toes unless the project is obviously abandoned. I’ll see if I can track down the author and ask what their intent is.

As for improvements to the drobodashboard, I’ve not installed it yet but I (possibly wrongly) assumed that it had identical functionality. I would be surprised if RD would have an issue with us writing code to interface with their product’s specific API.

It’s not like we’d be reverse engineering their BeyondRAID implemetation or anything. The code we’d write would only work with the DroboFS.

Personally, I would like to see the Drobo emit SNMP traps when bad things happen. I wonder if I could find a contact in DroboLand[tm] who could help us with the implementation of that…

NZBGET and UNRAR. These both run on other Linux based NAS boxes, should be simple, no?

I’d like to see a DroboCopy like utility, with a web front-end, that runs on DroboFS itself. It’d be useful to be able to schedule files to copy over a network without needing a PC/MAC to be on.


I would love to see the Subsonic server run off the Drobo FS

How about a dead simple FTP.

+1 for a working unrar binary.

+1 more for UNRAR

I built the latest unrar for the FS, download and info here: http://drobo.jhah.net/apps/unrar/

Works great. Thanks!

I second that! It would be awsome to stream my music to my android phone from the drobo :slight_smile:

What about a “Back To My Drobo” app that integrates witha Mobile Me account to provide Back to My Mac type functionality to provide remote filesystem access like you can with a TimeCapsule.

I like to see a better NFS app for the drobofs because unfsd does not work, My three nediaplayer won’t connect with nfs… Also a simple webbased interface for nfs to add the mediaplayers ipadresses.

or can somebody help me with it?


Bump! Going to look into creating this myself

– with regard to Subsonic, I’ve got it working, see http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1350

I haven’t tried to use Drobocopy myself yet but it might be interesting to have the ability to control the copying from Drobo to another drive… Kind of like Drobo backing its self up. (with the destination picked by the user of course)