DroboApp Manuals?

Are there manuals somewhere for the droboapps?

I installed cTorrent, and I have a remote GUI for it, but what is the username/password for it? I tired root, root but it did not work. I can’t find manuals for any of the droboapps.

Unfortunately there are no manuals as such. You have to grope your way around the internet trying to find snippets of information here and there, and use trial and error to get things working - often ultimately giving up when you can’t get it to work after days of blood sweat and tears!

DRI claim the Drobo is designed for the ultimate in simplicity, but that is an absolute joke! How they expect the average ‘non-tech’ user to mess around with Linux to get basic functionality such as NFS, Torrent and unPnP servers which other high end NAS devices include as standard is incredible!

Then to rub salt in the wound they shrug their shoulders and say, “we make the Apps platform available, but don’t support it”, and can’t even be bothered to make sure that App creators provide decent installation and configuration information along with the downloadable App from their own website!

I think DRI mistakenly think that by saying the Apps are nothing to do with them, they somehow exclude themselves from any implied responsbility. But the truth is, whilst no-one expects them to provide code support, updates and fixes for software that isn’t theirs, the very least they should be doing is a) ensuring those certified Apps that appear on the DRI website work properly with their product, and b) their users have everything they need to get the app up and running smoothly and easily.

There is no way for DRI to escape it, the user experience with their device is directly affected by the users experience with the apps as well.

I’m sure if you can’t get cTorrent to work, you won’t be sitting there thinking, the cTorrent coders are crap for not including sufficient documentation, but I love my Drobo - you’ll be sitting there thinking; I hate this bloody Drobo, why can’t the Torrent app work on it as easily as it does on other high end NAS devices! I feel exactly the same with UNFSD!

All that said, given that no additional apps have become available in almost a year, the whole ‘Apps’ platform is a little bit of flop anyway!

Sorry I couldn’t help you more, and sorry if my reply is a bit of a rant, but you’re stuck searching the net, or hoping for a reply on here I’m afraid!

I’m pretty disappointed by the non user friendless of the drobo in general, although I’m happy with how much storage I have. I can get around in Linux and I got the SSH app working so at lest I was able to create symbolic links, which was my biggest problem. I guess I’ll just be happy with lots of storage.

+1 for Blade1001 and dmyze…
I’m not exactly the most network/code-savvy guy around, but I’m fairly tech-literate. I’m having the WORST time trying to set these damned apps up. Arg.
I’m one of those chumps who bought the Drobo at least partially due to the added functionality of the apps; I’ve had my FS for weeks now, and haven’t been able to get a single app running…


Why can’t Drobo do one step further?
a better web-based DroboApp control panel, some integration to Drobo Dashboard maybe, for installing DroboApps.
Make DroboApp a bit better packaged with brief description on basic usage instruction, and make it easily viewable on the web-based control panel. Or even give us web-based access to the config files (plain text edit should be fine).

With all these little steps, DroboApp will become another story…