DroboApp announcement: Python 2.7.5 and modules

Hi everyone,

I found out that there were a few compiling bugs on my version of Python (the crypt module would fail to load), so I updated Python and all of the more important modules. Here are the links:

The updated modules can be found here: http://www.droboports.com/python-packages

I think I finally understand how to properly cross-compile Python and Python modules now. I can tell you that it was a tough nut to crack.

I recommend updating both Python and any modules that you might have installed.

As usual, comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome.

I have to thank you for this. Previous to updating, the best download speed I could get off of SABnzbd was around 3MB/s or so. I always thought it was due to the multiple threads SAB uses and the Drobo’s own somewhat limited processor. After updating Python, I’m now saturating my internet connection at 6.9MB/s (55Mbps)!

You’re welcome. That’s some impressive improvement. I have no idea why this is happening, though.

Hi so I just installed the python package and wanted to add a couple modules with easy_install. I ran into an error and hope that one of you knows what to do.
I did this for my 5N after installing and everything went fine.

Then I did that to install the readline package

Outputting that:

Is there some symlink problem?! I don’t get it

The problem is that the readline module requires a compiled library. The error message you are seeing is complaining that it cannot find the compiler on the Drobo, which is absolutely correct.

Easy_install on the Drobo can only install pure python modules. Anything that has a native library component needs to be cross-compiled somewhere else first, then packaged as an .egg, and then installed on the Drobo.

Thanks that explains it!
Mhh yeah then I’ll have to look for another solution or maybe if I’m in the mood look into that.

(maybe for dual redundancy it forces you to not put all your .eggs into the one basket) - joke :smiley: