DroboApp announcement: NZBGet 14.1

Better late than never, eh? Latest stable NZBGet is now fully SDK 2.0 compliant (meaning you’ll be able to control it from the Dashboard on the 5N), and more optimized than ever.

More info and links to download for both DroboFS and Drobo5N:


Comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome.

EDIT: Version 14.2 is out, now with auto-update support!

Wow - literally twice as fast as SAB, in both operation and fetching (more like 2.5x here), and actually downloads PARs (SAB stopped doing this for me a while ago, never figured out how or why). Thanks very much for this!

One request - any chance you can configure it to allow updates? Apparently this is one version back, and the new 14.2 version fixes an issue I’ve been seeing:

When trying to update from nzbGet, I see the following:

[quote]Automatic updates are not configured for your platform.

If you compiled the program yourself you know how to update. If you installed a binary package ask maintainer to add support for automatic updates. [/quote]

Yeah, updates in this case mean a recompile. I don’t think the app will update itself from anywhere since it was built from scratch.

The problem is I have a long list of other apps to update before I come back to nzbget. You’re welcome to have a look at the github project and compile the latest version. It should be only a matter of changing a single line here: https://github.com/droboports/nzbget/blob/master/app.sh#L98

And then building it again. It could also go horribly wrong, and take hours to fix. In any case, it’ll take some time to compile, package, and test, which unfortunately I currently don’t have.

Quite understandable. Thanks for your time - looking forward to your other app updates!

Quick heads up: version 14.2 is out, and it includes support for auto-updates.

with firmware 3.2.1 I had to add PATH=$PATH:/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/python2/bin inside the service.sh to be able to run python scripts, maybe something to be included in your release, if there is no better solution?

Thanks for the heads up.

Hi Ricardo,

I bit the bullet and tried to update to 16.3. It worked, but the web interface initially gave me a 404.

After checking around a bit, I figured out the reason:
The app itself looks for www for the nzbget frontend, but that’s where the Drobo control panel lives.
The nzbget web files are in the ‘app’ directory…

For now, I’ve manually mv’d “www” => “drobo” (and updated nzbget.conf) and mv’d “app” => “www”. 16.3!
But how do I do this ‘properly’ so I can package this up for DroboPorts?

As far as I know, nzbget/etc/nzbget.conf is the place where the location of the nzbget web interface will be defined. Here’s the exact place where it is configured during build:


I’d start looking there. :slight_smile:

Hmm. Okay… but it’s already ‘nzbget/app’ in my build config. I’m guessing that part of the issue is because it’s an upgrade rather than base install… so is there a way I can ensure it gets changed? It’s odd that someone else had the same problem when upgrading via the Drobo Dashboard, but was able to recover by dropping in the DroboPorts install.

In either case, what’s the best way to get this archive over to you, since it doesn’t seem like I need to change anything?

The easiest way is to remove your etc/nzbget.conf. By default upgrades won’t replace existing configuration files. You don’t even need to re-install, in fact. Just copy from etc/nzbget.conf.default over etc/nzbget.conf.

Well no, that would have clobbered my other settings. :slight_smile:
Just wasn’t sure if there were a way to fix it within the new archive to mitigate any issues when publishing the update.

Perhaps a Disclaimer on the DroboPorts page to mention the change from ‘www’ to ‘app’? Like I said, that 404 issue is happening when people update via the Dashboard, anyway… it’ll need to be addressed at some point.

I have the archive available, so you don’t have to re-compile yourself for the releases page. Not sure how you want it, if you do.

Recompiling is the easy part. :slight_smile: I saw your pull request but it is missing the updated version numbers in service.sh and variables.php. I’ll merge it as soon as possible.

Is there any way to get a newer DroboApps version of nzbget? We’ve been on version 15 for a long time, while on other platforms the stable version is 18 and the testing version is 19. I would love to make use of some of the newer features (especially better obfuscated nzb handling). I saw that ricardo mentioned that it can auto-update, but since nzbget is a compiled C++ program I suspect that it has to be built specifically for Drobo before we would have anything to update to. When I try from inside the app it sees that there is no newer DroboApps version than 15 so doesn’t give any option to update, and when I try running the autoupdate script manually it works and updates version 15 all the way to…version 15. :slight_smile: Since I think it will only update to Drobo-specific releases, I don’t know of any way to get something newer other than wait for a new DroboApps version of nzbget.

Ricardo, if I understand correctly, you’re a volunteer coder, not a Drobo employee, so i hesitate to ask you for a newer nzbget. I wish there were someone at Drobo who’s job it was to keep DroboApps up to date. It goes without saying that if Drobo took responsibility for keeping DroboApps updated, that would be a desirable thing for their customers.

The best we’ll ever get on the Drobo is 16.4, for a very simple but at the same time complicated reason: the compiler version.

Starting with 17.0 nzbget requires a compiler with C++14 support, which is only available on compilers such GCC 4.9 and newer.

The compiler that is currently available for the Drobo is GCC 4.4.2, which does not support C++14.

To update the compiler, you have to recompile the whole Drobo operating system with that compiler first. I don’t think that Drobo will be doing that anytime soon just for nzbget.

Thanks for that explanation. I appreciate you taking the time. I’ll look closer look at SABnzbd then.

What I thought was happening because of a lack of support for obfuscated nzbs in older versions of NZBGet turned out to be a problem elsewhere in the post-processing. So, although it’s disappointing that this DroboApp can’t be updated, I’ve got my immediate issue resolved now and NZBGet v15 is working fine for my needs again.

Thanks again, Richard, for the help you give us with these apps.