DroboAdmin and Lighttpd

After playing with a few (stable) DroboApps, I have a couple questions:
[list=1][]I originally used DRI’s Apache DroboApp to host DroboAdmin. Can I just delete the Apache DroboApp and use lighttpd from DroboPorts? In other words, is this a drop-in replacement?
]Regarding DroboAdmin, I can never install apps via links. It’s not the name of the Drobo that’s the issue - DroboAdmin’s built-in install page comes up with all of the DRI apps - but it’s like it doesn’t process the rest of the URL. No files are ever downloaded and installed. I’ve observed this on many apps. For now, I just install them manually on the proper share and run the install shell script.[/list]
Given my issues with DroboAdmin, I may just delete it entirely along with Apache. My main use for DroboApps are CLI things like ssh, bash, nano, etc, all of which are provided by Ricardo on DroboPorts (thanks again!).

Yes and no. Yes, it has been compiled to act as a drop-in replacement. But droboadmin’s service.sh contains one little line (depends=“apache”) which may cause trouble. I haven’t tried, but in theory it should still work.

Hmm. I think I know why this is happening. The problem is that the version of wget that ships with the FS does not support HTTPS links. Yes, I know, that is just sad.

Since I replaced the wget on my FS with a version that does support HTTPS, I didn’t notice that all the install links on DroboPorts are pointing to HTTPS links. I’ll fix that asap.

You’re welcome. :)[hr]
Meh. I just updated the links, and it seems that even the HTTP links get redirected to HTTPS. Basically it is impossible to install from a Google Site to an FS.

In other words, to make the links work I’ll have to move all the TGZ files to some other hosting, that does not redirect to HTTPS. Right now I do have a Google Storage for Developers account (and I use it to host the bigger apps, like rtorrent and mysql), but the idea of having to pay for hosting that stuff kind of bothers me. I mean, the whole point of having this hosted on Google was to avoid having to pay (too much) for hosting.

Oh well. :frowning:

At least the downloading still works.