Drobo5N2 not recognized in Win10 startup

Upon Windows 10 startup, I need to temporarily disable Avast shields, disconnect then rereconnect WiFi, start Drobo dashboard, wait for the report that 5N2 is hopefully discovered, then re-enable the Avast firewall. Occasionally I need to repeat this process before success. I regard this approach as unsafe, and would like a better way to initialize.

I have flashed the router with ExpressVPN OpenVPN. I have firewall rules to allow DDService (All connections), Drobo Dashboard (Internet Out).

There must be a command from Drobo that needs to be permitted through the firewall to obviate this approach, or a way to change the boot order priority, or something else.

My Drobo 5N2 is currently not discoverable by my Dell Windows 10. I do have Avast also. How do I temporarily disable the Avast shields? Do you have any other suggestions or input?

Go to Programs & Features, do the obvious removals (Avast should be near the top of the listed programs), & use the built in Windows Anti-Virus & Firewall. Problem solved & a performance boost thrown in.