Drobo5N2 Falls off Network


Anyone having issues with their Drobo5N2 dropping off of the network? I’ve tried with both a static IP address and DHCP. Same result. I also have a Drobo5N on the network which operates just fine.


have you tried using a different network cable, or plugging it into another port?

Does it ever come back onto the network after dropping off? Or do you need to restart it for it to work again?

If it comes on and off, then I would follow @AzDragonLord 's recommendations. Or better yet, use the known-good Drobo5N ethernet cable and router port to see if it has a stable connection.

If it falls off the network, and doesn’t come back on, check your 5N2’s network settings. I had a problem similar to this when I tried to enable port bonding or when I enabled large frame size (MTU).

What finally worked for me was to set “Network Interface Bonding” to “Default (ALB)”, which is basically failover mode. You can plug in two network cables and have one act as a failover to the other. When I set up my Drobo to 802.3ad, my Drobo became inaccessible since my network hardware did not support this protocol.

I hope that helps!



Thank you both for the advise. I moved the Drobo5N2 to a different location and connected it to a different switch. I also changed the ethernet cable. Since doing so, it has managed to stay connected! I will give it a few more days to be certain but it looks like it’s resolved. Now, I am not sure what resolved it. The cable swap or it being connected to a different switch. I had both Drobo’s (I also have an older 5N) connected to the same switch. I can’t imagine that being the problem but I’ll explore. Thank’s again.

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Cable is cheap. If you don’t trust it, then toss it.