Drobo5n not showing up in NETWORK on windows 10

My DROBO5N is no longer showing up under the NETWORK icon/explorer on Windows 10.
I an able to access it from the Drobo Dashboard and mount shares. They show un under THIS PC.

But it does not show up under NETWORK.

anyone know what going on?

Make sure you turn on “Network Discovery” …

When you open File Explorer in Win10, clicked on Network. If you see it empty … take a look at the top of the File Explorer … if Network Discovery is OFF… or not enabled. You will see a Yellow banner… notice. Saying Network Discovery is OFF, do you want to turn it on… click here etc…

I am having the same problem. Network Discovery is turned on on my Win10 computers. The Drobo5N does not appear in the Network pane of a Windows Explorer window. I can access the Drobo using Drobo Dashboard and also by using the net use command to connect the Drobo share to a local disk drive letter. For those in my family who are more GUI oriented, it would be useful if the Drobo would appear using Windows Network Discovery. The firmware version on the Drobo is 3.3.0 [8.75.76511].

Any solution here ?
my Drobo is acting the same way, but I have no clue on how to use the net use command…

(btw guy, just linking to another thread as i just posted to your 1st related thread here)