Drobo5N missing file utilities


I have two Drobo5N that I use to store all physical video media. One of them crashed recently after a Firmware update. Support recommended that I save as much data as I could to my other Drobo5N and then restore the corrupted Drobo5n.
I did this (it took days to accomplish), and then proceeded to copy everything back using WinSCP (the support recommendation). Along the way the file system on my other Drobo5N became corrupted. I reached back out to support, and the response I got was disappointing. There isn’t a utility to fix a corrupted file-system. So once again I had to move files from one Drobo to the other, just so I could “restore” the one with the corrupted file system. Now I have to move them all back.

Where are the Drobo5N File System Utilities? Why is doing a destructive “Restore” the only answer?