Drobo5N fan runs constantly

Has anyone ever seen this weird Drobo issue. I moved my Drobo5N around to a couple different places and now when I plug in the power supply cable the fan starts running but there are no lights on front panel and the unit will not startup or mount drives. Is it whacked and needs to be sent back to Drobo for brain surgery?

Any help is appreciated. The things contains 4.5TB of files.


See if the unit works when you power up without drives. see if dashboard detects empty unit this way.

ps: power off 5N when you remove drives. or else…

Thanks for the reply. I tried that without any success. It will not display a green light on the ethernet switch either. Is there any type of combination I can try to reset it such as "Hold down the On/Off switch then plug the power cable in? There isn’t many combination of things that can be done to this thing. There is only a switch and an RJ45 in the rear.

Assuming you have a spare drive laying around. Let’s do a pin hole reset with the spare drive and see if dashboard detects the new drive and set it up for usage.

if that still doesn’t work, then contact support and request a replacement

I wonder if this has something to do with the latest firmware… I have the same issue. When I plug-in the power supply, the fan turns on immediately (very loud) but the drives and front lights do not power-on. There is a dim flashing green light on the power switch. The light on the power supply / cord is solid green. Flicking the power switch on/off makes no difference (fan stays on). This happened a day after updating to the latest firmware (2 days ago) and replacing one failed drive (the recovery process completed and all lights were solid green - I left it for a day turned on with no further activity then I saw this situation with the fan being loud and no other lights working).

I found this video on youtube from another Drobo customer, this is exactly how mine behaves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsp0y6UIfCU