Drobo5N - 1GB network connectivity slow browsing/copies

I’m having issues with my Drobo5N starting to slow down. I use it to store lots of files, that I browse and copy and move pretty consistently. I’m up to about 10TB of data now and I’m noticing some major slowness browsing to the file share from a windows 10 machine. It’s getting very frustrating because I’m clicking a folder on the share and then it takes 30+ seconds to open the folder, any type of navigation, opening copy/past menus and just general file functionality feels slow.

I haven’t noticed any kind of indexing or any special method to browse it faster, am I missing something? Is this normal? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Drobo is designed to slow down when it gets around 90% or more storage space used. What is your capacity?

I’m at about 83% used currently, I normally let it get to around 90ish before I look to purchase a larger drive to replace it. Since I’ve posted this I had the whole Drobo I/O lock up completely and I had to reboot the device. Once it came back up all I/O reads/writes worked so much better after it rebooted. Unfortunately I didn’t get to check the uptime, it seems like I may benefit from a weekly or bi-weekly reboot on the Drobo. Do you know if it does any sort of indexing or clean up from a reboot? Obviously it probably cleans out the memory and such of the system. I’m just looking for answers, I really like the flexibility of the Drobo but I can’t stand how sluggish it seems to be.