Drobo5D won't start up

I paid over NZD$2825 for my Drobo5Dt in 2017 and paid for additional extended Drobo Care for 3 years till 11 March 2022.

My machine have decided not to boot up. There is power going it but it just won’t completely boot up. The lights goes yellow round and round and will not just start as normal.

What is going on? Will I get a replacement? How do I get my data from my hard drives? I need to get my data out. I have 3 6TB hard drives in it.

Please help. This is a nightmare. I have written to Drobo and still waiting for a response.

Not got a reply yet.

Just a few checks first.
Have you updated your PC/Mac prior to this occurring?
Have you keep the Drobo Firmware and Drobo Dashboard up to date?

Have you updated your PC/Mac prior to this occurring? No. Everything the same.

Have you keep the Drobo Firmware and Drobo Dashboard up to date? Yes, everything is up to date.

It was working perfectly with no issues and then the next day, it just won’t boot up. All yellow lights.

Can you next shutdown the Drobo and then remove your HDD array in order - and make a note of the slot each one came from.
Then start the Drobo and see if it is ‘seen’ normally by the Drobo dashboard.
If it isn’t, the issue might be your power supply.
If all OK. Turn off your Drobo, reseat you HDD array and restart. Let us know.

EDIT: When you restart, make sure the Drobo is powered direct from a wall socket not via a power-board.

I have done everything suggested. Removed the 3 disks, restart, - still four lights.
Turn off, put disks back and power directly from wall socket… nothing…

I need the data from my hard drive.

I took the video as well. all yellow lights.
What next? I have drobocare that is still current. I need a solution asap.

If it still shows the lights without the HDDs, then it is a Drobo issue. Your HDD array and data should be safe as long as they stay in the same order.
You will need to get a response from Drobo which from my experience works US hours.

Thank you for your help. I really need a response from Drobo. I have not heard anything from them yet.
How best to get a response from them?

I had same problem and solved it by re-seating SSD card in the underside of the machine. Hope this works.