Drobo5D for Drobo5N Trade? :)

I have a mint condition Drobo 5D that I have been incredibly pleased with. My application has shifted, however, and network capabilities are more important than the speed that Thunderbolt offers. If anyone is in the reverse position, I’d be glad to trade my 5D for a good condition 5N.

Will throw in my mSATA accelerator to sweeten the deal. I want to avoid e-baying the 5D, then buying a 5N off ebay, and the time it would take to manage that fiasco.

Feel free to SMS me at 330-349-5531 if interested or email me at drobotrade@mailinator.com.

I apologize in advance if this isn’t what these forums are for - but I figured because it wasn’t a straight up for sale, the Drobo Forums seemed like an okay spot to post. If it’s an issue you can kindly take down the post :slight_smile: :slight_smile: