Drobo Won't Resize Itself

I have a Drobo, single partition with 3, 1.5 TB drives. All the data stored on my Drobo is videos. I have recently gone through and converted all of my videos from .VOBs to .M4V, thus shrinking the size. After the conversion is complete, I’ve been deleting the original source. I’m expecting to free up space, yet somehow Drobo is showing an additional TB used. I’ve rebooted the Drobo expecting it to rescan/resize itself, but Dashboard still shows it almost completely full. How do I force it reflect accurate size?

Run a filesystem check on it using your OS’s disk check tool (Chkdsk /X drive letter: if you’re on Windows).

if you are on windows… and this may seem a little obvious… have you emptied the recycle bin?

Well, I’m not on Windows, but you nailed it. As soon as I emptied my trash Drobo immediately updated to the correct usage. Not sure why exactly (Drobo formatted HFS+) but thanks for your help! Problem solved!

Docchris, one more question. I noticed about 20 - 30 didn’t get emptied from my trash. I’ve tried emptying again and Finder keeps saying they are in use. My Drobo is hooked up via firewire. I’ve rebooted the computer and the Drobo. I still can’t delete the files. (They were all files previously stored on the Drobo in case that’s not obvious.) How do I get rid of these?

Files in the trash actually live in a .Trashes/<user_id_number> in the root of the volume.

Such as in:

As an admin user from a Terminal you can run
sudo rm -r /Volumes/Drobo/.Trashes/*

Your Drobo may just need a while to reorganize stuff and really delete files from all drives… give it some time. Reboot your Mac and see what happens … maybe the file locks are gone then.

drobo doesnt delete files as such, it just marks those block as free. and its usually pretty quick abotu it, sometimes if you delete a lot of small files it can take a minute or so to update the usage led’s but free space on the volume as perceived by the os should pretty much instantly update (assuming you remember to empty the trash!

thanks for the clarification docchris!

It’s been several days now and I still can’t delete the files by emptying the trash. Still says the files are in use.[hr]

I have to admit this makes me a little uncomfortable. Is this safe to perform? Will any damage be done?

I assume you’re on a Mac as your Drobo is HFS+ formatted. Try Running Disk Utility->Verify Disk.

This is what I got. I haven’t clicked to repair. I have 1.11 TB of movies on here that aren’t backed up (I don’t have anything big enough to back them up on) so now I’m really concerned…

Verifying volume “Drobo”
Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.
Checking extents overflow file.
Checking catalog file.
Checking multi-linked files.
Checking catalog hierarchy.
Checking extended attributes file.
Checking volume bitmap.
Volume bitmap needs minor repair
Checking volume information.
Invalid volume free block count
(It should be 1847997076 instead of 1847060694)
The volume Drobo was found corrupt and needs to be repaired.
Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Click Repair Disk.

Then run repair disk please.

Repaired the disk, said the repair was successful, verified the disk again, said no errors were found and all was well. I put the Drobo into standby, unplugged it for ~10 minutes, plugged it back in, and rebooted by iMac. I still CAN’T delete these files.

What’s next?

Call the support for your operating system. It does not sound like a hardware problem.

In the worst case you have to copy all files to another location and format the Drobo.

Hi. This will sound a little silly, but where is the trash on Drobo? I’m using mac snow leopard. When I click on Drobo in Finder and it brings up all folders, I can’t see no trash folder or recycle folder or anything relevant. Am I missing something obvious? Please let me know as I’m shattered and probably not thinking straight.

In fact should there be a trash folder? Or as it’s connected directly via firewire to my mac, is the macs trash folder the only trash folder to be concerned with? And I just need to empty that and Drobo should free up space?


as mentioend earlier in this thread:

Files in the trash actually live in a .Trashes/ in the root of the volume.

Such as in:

There is nothing special about drobo in that respect, it behaves exactly like every other external drive

I ended up reformatting. A little PO’ed about it but it’s fixed now. I never went down this path of clearing out the .Trashes as I wanted a back up first. Once backed up, it only took 5 minutes to reformat, then another 10 hours to copy everything back…