Drobo won't mount.

We have a Drobo connected to a Mac running Leopard that had a kernel panic. When the machine was rebooted the drive would not mount. The drive is visible via Disk Utility, and displays an error of “Invalid Volume Header” when verification is run. It gets fixed by the repair, but still will not mount. Attempting to mount causes the error to show up again when verified. I have connected the drive to several other machines running various versions of the OS with the same results.

I am trying to scare up a copy of Disk Warrior, but is there anythign else I should be trying in the meantime?


Disk Warrior would be my recommendation.

Whoa, don’t like the sound of that one ! If Disk Warrior isn’t successful in recovering the drive, will the protected data still be ok ??


The above situation sounds like data corruption caused by the Kernal Panic on the Mac. If Disk Utility does not work in fixing the data corruption, then we normally recommend a 3rd party software like Disk Warrior.

Follow up: Disk Warrior fixed the problem. Thanks.

whats a good software under windows 7 and not macosx?

Data Rescue PC, Stellar Phoenix.