Drobo won't load - "Almost there..." (admin account issue...?)

sigh Another day, another DroboFS issue…
Was installing a version of Fuppes this morning, using the standard method of dumping the .tgz file into the DroboApps directory and restarting. To my surprise and delight (sarcasm! ha!), the Dashboard refused to fully load, hanging on the ol’ “almost there…your drobo fs is in the final stage of starting up. this will only take a few more seconds” screen. I can navigate the Advanced Controls, blink the lights, shutdown, restart, but can’t change any of the settings in the Drobo FS Settings area (Disk Drive Spin Down, Admin, Shares, Email Settings, etc.). My girlfriend can still access the shared folders on her laptop, and all of the data in intact, but my box is completely unable to to anything with the Drobo, including turning off the DroboApps, hopefully bypassing Fuppes (side note: STAY AWAY FROM FUPPES AT ALL COSTS. I’ve read of similar problems from other users on the forums, blaming Fuppes too…). My mapped drives no longer show up in Windows; I can re-map them by typing in their exact location (ie \DroboFS\FolderName), but the Drobo doesn’t show up just by Browsing the network. Obviously, DroboCopy won’t run, since the drives aren’t mounted…

Could it be an issue with my admin account being somehow disabled? The Drobo won’t let me set up a new one, or change the current settings, and I’m guessing that the lack of an Admin User Account would give me the same symptoms, no?

I’ve tried popping out my drives and re-flashing the firmware (couldn’t roll it back, since I couldn’t find a version on the DRI site that was older than 1.1.1), but no joy.

Any suggestions? Please bear in mind that I’m not particularly smart to begin with, and am a total noob with all of the Linux/console/ssh/dns/recompiling/framziwhozitz stuff… I can try to muddle my way through any sort of complex solutions, but, uh, the whole reason I bought a DroboFS was because of the “ease of use” factor… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks in advance!

Did you install the fuppes 660 Ricardo built? I worked with him testing it and I also encountered this problem. If you have DroboAdmin installed you can uninstall fuppes via DroboAdmin. Aside from this, Fuppes 660 does work better than the fuppes Drobo posts. The newest version of Fuppes (680) apparently updates its database automatically.

Yup, I was giving Ricardo’s 0.660 a try. I ended up just mounting the DroboApps drive on my girlfriend’s laptop and deleting the Fuppes 0.660 folder; that kind of solved the Dashboard issue. It loaded, but still wouldn’t let me mount drives due to some sort of error with data being accessed from somewhere else or something…? I was kind of pressed for time and haven’t had a chance to troubleshoot it any further…

Is Fuppes ver 0.680 available as an app for the FS? The UPnP from ver 0.578 wouldn’t work properly with my X360, and ver 0.660 is obviously a non-starter at this point…

There may be a work around. Before restarting the DroboFS, disable Fuppes and re-enable it after startup. If you are wondering about how to get it going without one restart, then try this…

SSH into your FS with dropbear and use
DroboApps install
… this will install fuppes without reboot.

I am going to attempt to compile v680 which adds auto-scan of the directories supposedly, but I don’t imagine the startup will be fixed.

Once again to Drobo employees… the existence of an apps development community does not abdicate your responsibility to support the apps you advertise as features of the product. Stop sucking please.

+1 !

Not that they give two you-know-whats about their customers, but completely agreed.