Drobo Won't Boot after adding New Drive


I added a completely new drive to my drobo and now my drobo will not boot. I had my Drobo on and inserted the drive into an empty slot. The drobo powered off when I did this and when I turned it on it did not go into a boot cycle as normal. All the blue capacity lights came on with solid Yellow?orange lights for all the drives. The power light is orange and the activity light is green. About every minute or so the activity light turns orange and the power light to green then the activity light goes back to green and the power light orange… I tried unpluging the data and power cables and unseating the drives then powering on. It still does not go into a boot cycle and does the same thing with yellow drive bay and all bue capacity lights. The drobo was healthy until I added the drive. I updated to the latest firmware a few days ago.

So, did you remove the “new drive” and get the Drobo back up and running again?
Did you get anything running again?

hi can you also let us know some more info about what firmware you had, and now have, and dashboard version, and which drives you had and in which slots, and which drive (make/model etc if you know) did you add, and what sizes did you have?

sorry for a big sentence - just asking for more info