Drobo Woes

Good evening,

I am mildly confused with my 5d Unit. Today it arrvied so I loaded it up with 6tb drives thinking COOL! I can have a 15TB volume for Storage and a 15TB volume for logic stuff. Plugged it into my mac server turned it on and the mac see it on the Thunderbolt interface as shown in the Image however Drobo Dash doesn’t. I am lead to believe this is a firmware thing but I have no way of checking.

Any advice?



Can you confirm what firmware version and dashboard version that you are running on your 5D? Can you advise what version of OSX server you are running? Can you confirm whether or not your Drobo is connected in a daisy chain, or if any other devices are connected via thunderbolt? Can you advise what type of MAC this is that you are running your OSX server on? I would advise trying to connect on USB, to see if you can collect a set of logs and if Dashboard will detect the 5D on the USB connection. Also, if you have another MAC, you can try connecting it to another MAC on thunderbolt. I would also advise filing a case with support if you haven’t done so already.

Drobo Support

… is it fixed yet Nick ?