Drobo with WinXP emulation

I was reading another thread where someone mentioned they were still using WinXP for business use. I know this is happening, my own workplace is still running WinXP. At home I am on Vista. Anyway, they said that they had to deal with the 2TB limit per volume. So I was thinking what if they had Windows7 and configured the Drobo as a 16TB volume, via thin-provisioning?
And then used the Windows7 “XP mode”? Could you continue to run you older WinXP programs and access the 16TB Drobo accurately?

Requirements for Win7: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7install/thread/c03da479-648f-4dd1-924e-cf7dc68e5738

I guess I’m wondering if there is a loophole. I might be able to introduce a Drobo to the workplace if there is a loophole.

The setup you’ve described will work just fine as:

  1. XP Mode’s virtual hard disk consists of ordinary files within your host’s filesystem.
  2. If you’d like to expose Drobo contents to your virtual machine, it’ll be presented as a special kind of network drive which is not subject to XP’s limitations on NTFS volume sizes.

The other loophole would be to share the Drobo via a Vista/Win7 machine. If it’s a network share, you aren’t bound by the client’s OS limitations.

Zbig & bhiga,

That about answers my question for now. I was also reading NeilR’s post over here and was wondering about this.