Drobo with Windows 7

Is anyone still using a Drobo5N with Windows 7? If so, has it disappeared from the “Network” section of Windows Explorer? I still see mine in the Dashboard and I can map a share, it just does not appear as a Network Device on both of my Windows 7 PC’s… Just want to know if this is a common issue.

I am going through a similar problem with my Drobo5n. I cannot maintain a connection to my Drobo when it does show up, it breaks / disconnects usually within 30 seconds of trying to actually access the device.

I’m about to try to access my Drobo on a roommate’s Windows 10 system to see if that helps, I’ll update this post if it does.

Call me cynical… But I’d be far more likely to blame Micro$oft breaking compatibility for an OS they no longer officially support than querying if Drobo have an issue… It’s just like such a huge multinational to try to force you to DOWNGRADE to Windows 10…
Ten has been driving me nutty ever since I fell for the scam, constant forced updates & random reboots at most inconvenient times in particular!

Hah, I sounded a lot like you several years ago! I did honestly consider whether it was something broken in my Windows 7 install, but since my last post I tried to establish a connection using a windows 10 system and a RedHat linux install, in neither case would the Drobo hold a connection.

Three different systems, the Drobo is the only common denominator. Occam’s razor suggests that I should be looking at DRI’s software at this point.

I’ve been using Windows 10 for work for much longer than on my home systems, but I’ve found that other than Windows 10 requiring me to do a lot more legwork to customize the system the way I want it has been solid. Frustrating and adding extra clicks for simple tasks sometimes, but functionally solid. Considering the lack of support for Windows 7 and the trouble that tends to come with running older software it makes sense to stick to the currently supported/patched OS in my opinion.

Thanks for the reply!