Drobo with Cisco E1550 Router

Has anyone tried using the Drobo with any of the new Cisco routers that have built-in USB for drive sharing (E1550, E3200, E4200)? I plugged in the Drobo to my new E1550 but nothing seems to happens and nothing shows up in the disk setup section of the router management software.

how big are the partitions? lots of basic devices like that cant see partitions bigger thn 2tb, or they cant see multiple partions, or they cant see GUI only MBR disks

Yep, it looks like that did the trick. I reformatted the Drobo as multiple 2 TB volumes but just in case anyone else is trying to do the same thing, this router will only pick up the first logical volume. I also had to plug in the Drobo and the reboot the router for it to show up. Still, 2 TB of network storage without having to use any additional equipment is nice :slight_smile:

Also if anyone is interested, I am getting about 5 MB/s transfer rates with this router.