Drobo will not shut down - data protected?

My Drobo 1st generation has 4X 1TB drives.

After the latest firmware update, its been acting strange:

-When I shut my computer down, Drobo actually stays awake, with all its green lights and blue lights on and the fan going.

-Now, although I’ve rebooted my computer many times, it has stayed awake but will no longer mount. Disk Utility does not recognize it (it shows nothing).

I have tried to “safely shut down” the Drobo by disconnecting the data cable but even when I do that, all the green and blue lights stay on.

How do I safely shut down my Drobo if I can’t get the data lights to go orange?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

I had a similar problem with a USB-only Drobo. I had to hit the “shutdown” button two times. The first time, nothing happened. After a few minutes, I hit it again and it did shutdown.

Hit the shut-down button? There are no buttons on the drobo!

I just experienced a similar issue (after upgrading to 1.3.5 on a V2 system over USB Win7x64). When I got up this morning the PC and drobo were on, but the drives had disappeared from explorer, and dashboard couldn’t connect.

I shutdown the PC, and unplugged the USB connection - but still the drobo didn’t shut down.

I crossed my fingers, then pulled the power. It seems to have recovered ok.