Drobo will not mount

The Drobo seems fine. The lights come up, drives are green and capacity is at about 50%.

The Drobo is rebooted and will not mount. Drobo Dashboard says Ready for Connection. Disk Utility doesn’t list the drive as available to mount.

Recently the Drobo has been ejecting itself without warning.[hr]
I got Disk Utility to recognize the Drobo, but after selecting the drive, I get the dreaded beachball and nothing happens.

Are you connecting via FW or USB?
Is it to a back port?
What OS are you on?

Also if you look in your activity monitor > select “all process” in the drop down box, in the process name column do you see one that starts with FSCK_HFS+?

FW800. I tried switching cables and ports front and back on my Mac Pro. Right now it’s plugged into the front FW800 port.
Mac OS 10.6.2

I hear some disk activity, but it’s no consistent.

Get it off the front port. Drobos do not work with front ports. Please move to the back port via usb.

After you move it, check activity monitor.

Well that’s strange, it’s been working all this time on the front port, but I’ll switch it to see what happens.[hr]
I switched it via USB on the back port. The Drobo rebooted, mounted the disks, then ejected them after a bit.[hr]
OK, looks like Drobo is on the move… all disks mounted and full activity. Let’s see if it stays up.

Since you were on the front port and it’s mounting now on the back port, please run repair disk from disk utility on your volumes.

Having drobos on a front port will cause connectivity issues which can lead to file system or data corruption.

The disks all dismounted, but the lights are all OK. The Drobo is on and not in standby mode.[hr]
I guess it’s time for another restart/reboot.[hr]
OK, running Repair in Disk Utility. Yikes, estimated time 2 hours.[hr]
The Drobo dismounted all disks while Disk Repair was trying to do its thing.[hr]
I can’t keep the disks mounted and the lights all indicate disks are OK.[hr]
I got it mounted, and am installing new firmware. Let’s see if it holds up and doesn’t dismount again.

OK, now why did Drobo create another disk (copy?) of an existing disk and made it a removable drive, and on the desktop it displays a folder icon.

Disk repair unmounts the volumes in order to repair it.

Not sure what you mean by a folder icon and another disk…

Did disk repair fail? Was it able to complete?

Do you have Disk Warrior?

Drobo ejected the disk while Disk Utility was repairing one of the partitions.

On my desktop there should be 3 partitions for Drobo, Partitions 1 ,2 and 3.
Drobo has created a copy of Partition 1 on my desktop also named Partition 1. Looking in my list of volumes, Partition 1 copy is using a removable drive icon, but on my desktop it’s using a folder icon. Get info reveals it as a volume with 1.1 TB capacity, 543.8 GB available and 555.71 GB used.

Disk repair reported the Partition 1 to be OK. I started disk repair on Partition 2, then sometime after all disks were ejected.

Yes I have Disk Warrior, but I’m afraid to do anything because the Drobo is very active at this time rebuilding I assume.[hr]

Originally it was at 38%, but now it’s at 9% and free 91%. What the hell is going on!? Is Drobo rebuilding everything?

Are the drive lights blinking green and amber?

The drive lights have been green, but not blinking.
It’s been consistently mounted and active. So it must be doing something… rebuilding?

Rebuilding is when the drive lights are blinking green and amber and dashboards reports that it is in data protection mode.

You really need to run repair disk on all 3 volumes or possibly running Disk Warrior. Personally I would recommend Disk Warrior. Repair disk is not as robust as Disk Warrior when repairing data/file system corruption.

OK. Running Repair on Partition 2, then 3. Partition 1 was reported as OK.[hr]
DU could not unmount Partition 2. So I am trying to repair Trusted Mass volume now.

You have to repair the indented volumes. If it doesn’t unmount, you can click on the button that says “unmount”.

Disk warrior repaired one of the partitions and when I tried to back up the data it was going to take 60 hours. So forget it. And I’m not confident about the reliability of this Drobo now.[hr]
Another thing… Dashboard reports I’m using only 9% of the capacity, yet I get Red Alerts about having to add a 4th drive. What the!?