Drobo will not mount, have all blue lights & red lights

My 1st Gen. Drobo was working fine. It is about 1/3 full. The next day it would not mount, and all the lights on the bottom are blue are on. The lights on the drives are red. When I unplugged it and started it up again it went straight to all blue lights on and all red lights on. No diagnostic. Anybody got any ideas how to fix it? I use a Mac.

What does it say in dashboard?

Have you tried shutting down then re-seating all the drives & starting back up?

The official advice for all drives red (for newer units) is here though how support will respond if contacted about that age of unit I have no clue.

If you close it down, remove all the drives & boot it empty what happens?
If that boots & shows in dashboard, can it be set up using spare drives?

If it behaves normally doing the above it would indicate a possible problem with the disks.

If none of the above yields helpful results, my guess would be that it’s reached the end of a long life, & the answer would be to move the pack to one of the units indicated as compatible on the Migration page. Or restore your backup to replacement storage, you do have a backup?.

We removed all the drives, plugged it back in. Immediately all the blue and red lights lit up. I figured the Drobo had died. I just wanted somebody to help me confirm it. It is my back-up. Thank you for taking the time to help me.