Drobo was stuck in a reboot loop!

Hi everyone,

Just bought a second generation Drobo in October and it experienced it’s first hard shutdown due to a power failure in my neighbourhood. I was not hope at the time of the power failure so there was not active data transfer to the Drobo at the time of the power loss. The Drobo is also connected to a UPS so it was protected from power spikes,etc. but when the battery on the UPS ran dry, the Drobo obviously lost power as well.

When I got home later that day and powered back on the Drobo (the UPS does not resume providing power without my intervention), it got stuck in a reboot loop.

My Drobo is running the latest firmware 1.3.5 and I have it connected by USB to a Linux system and running ext3. I had called Drobo support and with their advise, I powered down the Drobo and moved it near a Windows PC at my disposal and the Drobo powered up correctly. After that I powered it back down and connected it back to my linux system and the Drobo booted up correctly there too. Since then the Drobo has been working correctly but I have less confidence it it since Drobo support was not able to explain want occurred. Since the partitioning on my Drobo is ext3, Drobo support was not able to assist me further and suggested I post the problem to these forums (since upport did not know how to recover the logs from my Drobo running ext3).

I have installed the community supported Drobo-utils (http://drobo-utils.sourceforge.net/) and with this application, I was able to dump the diagnostic logs. However, looking at the diagnostic dump produced, leaves me wondering it this feature is correctly implemented on Drobo-utils as the logs make reference to hard drives that are not plugged into my Drobo!

Can anybody here shed some light on what cause the reboot loop I experienced? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Thanks in advance