Drobo Warning at 1.85 TB of space remaining

Hi Everyone,

I have a Drobo Pro with 8 2 TB Drives which gives me 12.41 TB of usable space.

at 10.85 TB which makes it 85% full, it threw up a yellow warning saying that it’s low on protected space and that I should put in another drive. Of course I can’t do that, however, should I stop storing stuff on it or can I go till it reaches 95%.

Is the data not fully protected at 10.85 TB on a DROBO Pro with 8 2 tb drives?

Basically, my question is whether I can continue filling it until it reaches 95% when I know the performance will suffer or if I have to stop now at 85% full.


The data is fully protected.

You can continue to add data, however for drobo’s internal housekeeping it is recommended not to go above 85%, but in theory you could continue up to 95%, but it will incur a performance penalty