Drobo vveeerrryyy slow

Hi there, I downloaded the KONA aja system test and it gives me this reading :

write 0,2 - 0,3 mb/s
read 25-33 mb/s

system profiler says it´s running on 800 firewire…
I am using Macbook pro 2.33 with OSX 10.5.8, and it is a V2 drobo…
I can´t put any file in there, cause it shows about 100 to 200 hours for a 50GB transfer !!

do you have any advice, or something I can do ?

Have your tried a different FW cable? Different port?

Have you run repair disk on your drobo volumes?

yes I have run the repair disk… and it says OK.

Changed cables and tried both ports on drobo only have one port on macbook pro.

Tried a different 800 firewire hard disk and it works fine…

Is this there anything else I can try ?

I would suggest opening up a support case so we can look at diags, console logs and a performance test.

how do I do that ?

You can go here to open a webcase:

or you can call 866-426-4280 between 6am-6pm PST