Drobo Volumes Missing

I had three Volumes set up on my Drobo2. Now only one of them is recognized. I have tried rebooting the drobo and computer together and separately. But still only one of the volumes is available.

On the “Volumes” screen it list 3 volumes with ID number 0-2. Volumes 1 & 2 only have “Drobo” as volume name without a drive letter and there is a “-” in the “Used” column.

Any ideas?


Are you on Windows or Mac OS?

I assume it has to be Windows for drive letters to be involved (seriously, WHY do we still have those in 2012?).

I am using Win 7 64

Check Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) For whatever reason the other volumes simply may not have drive letters assigned to them.

unfortunately the other volumes are not visible in disk management. Only the one volume is visible and is the correct size. The other 1.2TB (or so) of my Drobo is missing in disk management.

So you don’t see any extra Disk x rows at the bottom of the Disk Management pane?

(careful NOT to choose anything saying initialise)

That’s correct are no extra disks listed in disk management. All drives in disk management are accounted for . . . except of course for those two other volume on my drobo :slight_smile:

Do the ‘missing’ volumes show up in Dashboard? Is the format of all volumes NTFS?

Here is a link to a MS forum posting about running chkdsk on volumes without drive letters.


Yes the volumes are NTFS and the show up in Dashboard, but not like they should. They are both merely labeled “Drobo” without a drive letter and there is a “-” in the “Used” column.

I looked at the posting but I don’t quit understand how to run a chkdsk when the volume is not visible within Disk Management.


hi since your 1st issue, did you try closing and launching dashboard again?

It sounds like you have a bad partition table on the Drobo.

Drobo specifically says you cannot use any partition utilities other than Dashboard.


At this point, I would suggest you re-initialize your Drobo and restore from backup.

Thanks . . . I was hoping for a less messy solution, but I figured that is where it would end up.