Drobo volume search indexer / cataloguer (exists here)

Hi guys, i posted this as part of one of my other threads but i think it deserves a post here:

something i found useful… is a tool called “cathy” v2.28.3 by r.vasicek
it takes a while to “catalogue” a drobo, but its really good, helps me find things, and with a double click, it shows me the directory structure where it is, and i can then launch it or open an explorer window to it etc.

every so often (every month or 2) i do a catalogue refresh at night on my v1 drobo and so far so good.[hr]
btw it can do a lot more things but i just use it for basic searching

just tweaking title and adding some links;

main author site:

& reviews: http://www.snapfiles.com/opinions/Cathy/Cathy.html

still works great :slight_smile: