drobo volume data disappeared

Hi all,

I have a 4 bay drobo with 4 2Tb drives that I partitioned into 3 separate 2Tb volumes, one for time capsule, one for spare and one for backup/storage of files.

I have it usb mounted to an airport extreme and primarily use it with an iMac running OSX 10.8.3.

I seem to have run into an issue as my primary partition Drobo3 that previously held 500Gb of data only shows the following files

I am hoping someone recognizes this issue and has a suggestion on how I recover the dirs/files that were previously here.


hi andrew can you remember how much space was actually being used up on the drobo recently?

eg apart from that 500gb of data, was there any more being used by timemachine, and can you remember all the total/free space as reporte by the computer and dashboard?

(there might be a problem if your timemachine volume eats up too much space, but if it only had access to 2tb max, and your other data was just 0.5tb, then it probably didnt cause it)

but any more info you have will be useful