Drobo ver 2 drives spin down/turn off after 10 minutes; not configurable?

I have a very frustrating problem with my drives continually turning off after 10 minutes of inactivity. I’m constantly having to wait for the drives to spin back up before I can do certain operations that need to check all the drives; even when I’m not necessarily wanting to access data on the drobo.

I would like to know if there is anyway to change the timeout or disable the drives from turning off from inactivity. 10 minutes is far too short as it’s driving me insane having to wait all the time (hearing the sound of each drive spinning up and waiting for the clicking sound when it’s active makes me want to pull my hair out).

This has been my only headache with this Drobo and I really want to upgrade to a newer model just for this support. I don’t see how an older model wouldn’t be capable. I can’t imagine this being a hardware limitation.

For the record I’m on Win7 using USB 2.0 for the time being.

you cant change the setting in drobo dashboard

there are very various “keep alive” programs you can use - tiny programs which run in the background and write/read using a drive every x minutes (i.e. every 8 minutes)

well done docchris, hopefully a program like that will help save his bacon
:smiley: (sorry could not resist) :slight_smile:

@Docchris this is pretty much what I expected I was going to have to do… Do you happen to know of any programs already or should I just find a random one on Google?

@Paul ;D

edti; I believe I’ve found my solution: I’ve created a 9 minute repeating schedule using Task Scheduler to write a file called alive.txt. I’ve done this by creating a cmd script to write the txt file with the help of hstart which runs the command without any command prompt windows appearing http://www.ntwind.com/software/utilities/hstart.html I’ll write a guide below.

[code]- In Task Scheduler, go to Action and then Create task.

  • Click the Triggers tab and hit New. Check Daily, Check Repeat task every 9 minutes for a duration of Indefinitely and hit OK.

  • Click Actions tab and hit New. Browse for hstart64.exe and select. Add arguments /NOCONSOLE f:\alive.cmd and hit OK. Hit OK again to complete the creation of the task. (Note: change the drive letter to match your Drobo; mine is drive F:)

  • On the drive I’ve created a txt file in note pad with the following
    del f:\alive.txt
    time /t >>f:\alive.txt

  • Save and then rename this file alive.cmd[/code]

I’m sure there are other ways to go about this, but this is what works for me. If you have any comments or suggestions about this method please let me know.

nice one bacon,
btw does the alive.txt keep growing with “time” (no pun intended) :slight_smile: - or does it simply overwrite the previous file?

(if it keeps appending, then that could be a problem in future as you’ll keep growing that file by maybe 17bytes per cycle - seems a low value but over time it could add up. maybe 3k per day) - if theres no need for the file to grow to achieve the keep alive, then probably makes sense to not leave it growing but up to you for sure.

you could just have a different task which runs once daily which deletes the file?

btw that visual subst looks handy too:

(@bacon - ok thats true) :slight_smile:

ah i can just add del alive.txt to the cmd file. thanks.

i’m still disappointed that i have to use this method though. i wish it could be officially added with an update.

bumping this after having to look it up again after i reinstalled my os when i got my new ssd.

this method has been working well for me for many months now. i haven’t seen any negative performance out of my drobo after this workaround to disable the drives from going to sleep/spinning down after 10mins.

i realized again how annoying this was for a few days after i reinstalled lol.

thanks for the bump
since i often use syncback for mirroring my v1 to the v2, i might be able to use a small scheduled comparison job to run once every 9mins instead of windows scheduler too, but if it doesnt work (eg if it doesnt invoke a keepalive) then will use what youve mentioned :slight_smile:

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