Drobo V2

Anyone remember the maximum drive size the Gen2 Drobo will accept with firmware 1.4.2?


3TB, 4TB, 6TB drives?

Stick to 4TB tops.


So a Gen2 would be capable of running four 4TB drives? Thanks guys, man getting this info from the website is hard.

Just make sure you have the latest firmware for that model.

I have 2x2TB + 2x3TB in my Drobo V2. I bought a Seagate ST4000VN000 NAS drive. My Drobo won’t accept it. I’ve inserted it twice, it’s recognized it as a 4TB drive, then done some rebuilding, then stops rebuilding, and shows the drive failed light, and I’ve been forced to put my original drive back in the slot. I’ve tested the drive bare in my Mac, and it formats, stress tests, and holds data fine.

Running FW 1.4.2 via USB on Mac OSX 10.7.5, volume set to 16GB.

hi as that drive seems to be 4tb and the drobo recognises it as 4tb, maybe something about it has failed in terms of drobo thinking it can rely upon it?

for example, can you expain a bit more about how you stress tested it? the 1mill hours MTBF is a huge step up from older ones with 50k hours :slight_smile: but have you carried out a full surface scan or similar? it might well be that the gen2 has its own problems with it but maybe it actually had some bad sectors on it?