Drobo V2 random data protection in progress

This has been happening randomly for a month or so now. Every now and then, all LEDs on the unit flash orange/green. The dashboard shows a red used space but free space stays the same. I get the warning cannot protect against failures and then it just sits there for a while and then gets better all by itself.

I tried switching from FW800 to USB and that helped for a while or so it seemed but now here I am again.

I tried opening a ticket for this but found support pretty useless. I’d attached diag files to the ticket and they still ask me for #volumes, fs type and so on. Hard to believe thats not in the diagnostics file. They closed the ticket within two days also and the problem didn’t occur within two days so I couldn’t respond. The ticket was updated by me with the answers.

Anyone noticed also that the springs to eject drives stop working?

i’d definitely get a response from support as to why it keeps on going into protection - its probably one of your drives is starting to take too long to responds to queries, so its important you know which one, and only DRI can tell you that

@bnewport what is your case number?

Problem ended up being both drives in 3 and 4 were failing (WD 2TB green EADS).