Drobo v2 question on pulling out drives

i have 3 500gb drives in my droob v2 right now. while the system is running, what happens if i pop out one of my drives, like drive #3, and then put it right back into place?

If you’re fast, nothing happens. If you’re slow, then you might experience some rebuilding.

If you’re planning to move your Drobo, power it down before moving it and give the drives about half a minute to settle. Drives are an order of magnitude more fragile in the running state compared to the off/parked state.

Why do you ask? It seems a little silly to pop drives in/out just for fun. :slight_smile:

def not going to do it for fun. more like a theory question. i just wasn’t sure how the drobo worked and now have vital data already on it. thanks bhiga!

In my experience (1st Gen Drobo), inserting a drive WHILE the Drobo is running (new drive or a reinserted drive) Drobo will assume it’s a new disk, and rebuilding will begin. If however, the Drobo was powered off, you can pull out the disks and reinsert them in any order and when Drobo is powered back on, it will recognize the disk pack metadata stored on the drives, regardless of their positions.

Although I’m not suggesting you try this unless ALL your data is backed up elsewhere. Also, as bhiga stated, this is not something you want to do for “fun,” you know, unless you’re a masochist.