Drobo V2 fan size and replacement

Need a little help here. I replaced a drive in my V2 Drobo with a larger one, and after a 2 day rebuild with the fan constantly running on low, the fan now makes a rythmic ticking noise. I’ve heard enough fans do this in my short time to know that it is warning me ever so politely “I’m on my way out - you might want to plan ahead.” I have searched the forum and googled the web, and am still in need of a few details.

-what size fan does the V2 use?
-does anyone have a quality maufacturer of case fans they have had good experiences with?
-any hints or tips on how to do this with a minimal of fuss?

I have built several of my own PCs so I’m not a virgin to this; just looking for help to plan ahead so I only have to open it up once. I have read it might use a different connector?

If i where you, i would take a look on the fan to see what size it is, also take a look on the power connector for the fan at the same time. if drobo use a special connector, just reuse that one, re fan manufactures, I prefer using fans from ADDA.

and then the normal considerations when fiddling around with electronics, unplug the power and use ESD precautions. =)

looking at the fan involves opening it, whih he is trying to avoid doing twice (as he says in his post)

however i think that may be unavoidable, i seem to remember its a slim 92mm fan (curse these new forums - the info you need was in the old forum!)

and it does have an unusual connector so you will have to recycle that

Thanks guys. A quite long internet search did reveal the 92 mm portion, but it looks like I’ll be cracking it open this weekend for a look-see.

It’s not like I have anything else to do - it’s -10 F outside right now. Kinda limits your options. Come to think of it, I should just place the Drobo out on the patio for the remainder of winter. :wink:

good idea to keep the drives cool, dont mind the ice that will build up due to the warm metal in contact with the freezing air. Ice and electronics sure mix well! :slight_smile:

they mix fine

its only when it melts you’ll have issues

so just be sure to keep it all sub zero and you will have no problems.

Thank you all for your assistance. Hanging the Drobo out the window with a string as we speak. This is covered under Drobocare, right, Jennifer?

Acts of God are not covered by DroboCare!