Drobo v2 constant relayout

My Drobo v2 recently began constantly going through relayout, but I’ve noticed that it alerts me with a relayout messages occasionally followed by a disk failure, then it goes intore layout again.

I powered it off and it came up all green, then a while later the second from the bottom disk went red, then shortly thereafter it went into relayout again.

I’m thinking that maybe the drobo thinks it’s lost drive 3, then can see it again and starts rebuilding parity. This is on a Drobo v2 with 4x2TB WD20EARS. I’ve order yet another 2TB WD20EARS and was planning to replacing drive 3, but thought I’d post here to see if others see this as reasonable - or if I missed something.

It sure would be nice if Drobo’s alert would mention the slot # of the drive that failed. It would also be nice if Drobo would give you plain logs and didn’t encrypt your diagnostic information.

The single logical volume is configured as 16 TB, and there should be over 800 GB free on the LV.

Your diagnosis makes sense, and your solution looks correct to me.
Good luck.

ROFL. Read my thread: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=2461.

I have a similar problem, my Drobo told me to replace one of the drives. It told me to replace the 2nd drive which I did; the result being the rebuilding process started. Monitoring the rebuilding process via the Drobo dashboard app, the rebuild time constantly changes. One moment it would indicate that I only have 11 hours left, then it would say I have 20 hours before completion, then another time the dashboard app would indicate that I only had 2 hours before completion. The time will keep bouncing up and down like that for 2 days now whilst the Drobo app indicates that the rebuilding process is in progress and that it cannot protect my data.
Any suggestions anyone.

I have a version 2 Drobo with four 2GiG WD drives.

  1. Don’t trust the time estimate
  2. Disconnect (safely eject/remove) any connected computers

Any access on Drobo during rebuild can significantly slow the process.
Whenever feasible, shut down or disconnect attached clients. Drobo will continue the rebuild (it doesn’t require a computer attached) and go to sleep after it is done.

Of course if you need some data on it, it’s perfectly acceptable to use Drobo during the rebuild, just be aware that access will be extremely slow and extend the rebuild time.

For your configuration (which is the same as mine), it shouldn’t take more than 36-48 hours to complete the rebuild with no client activity, unless your Drobo is very full.