Drobo v2 all lights on.. won't reset..

I usually only use my drobo once a week to back stuff up.

  1. My normal routine is plug in the Drobo and let it boot up.
  2. Connect the FW800 cable to my computer.
  3. Backup my stuff.
  4. Put the Drobo in Standby mode.
  5. Disconnect the FW800 cable.
  6. Unplug the Drobo.

Today I plug in the Drobo, the fan is on high, all drive lights are red, all blue lights are on, and the power light is red.

I have unplugged the drobo and removed all the drives. Plugged it in again and the same thing happens, fan is on high, all lights red, all blue lights on, and the power light is red.

The reset button on the back does nothing.

PowerPC Mac OS 10.5.8
Drobo Dashboard 1.5.1
Drobo Firmware 1.3.4
3 WD Green 1TB drives

Funny, might be coincidence, but I haven’t started having problems until I upgraded my dashboard and firmware, which was a couple of days ago…

Any ideas on where to go from here?

Have you logged a ticket with DRI?

I have.
Won’t hear back from them until Monday.

Everything always seems to break on weekends. :frowning:

have you left it running with the drives in to see if it boots up. I have a similar problem when th edrive wakes for sleep. All drive bay lights go red and the blue lights are all lit and it disconnects from the Mac. Then it reboots itself and all is well again. I have logged a ticket and they have been looking into the problem for some time now.

I did leave it on for a few minutes when it first happened. Nothing happened.

Did your fan stay on high when it was rebooting?
My fan stays at high even with no drives in the unit.

I’ll have to play around some more with this tomorrow.

No the fans didn’t stay on full. They came on full to start with but then settled down once it had rebooted.

Was there any closure to this? I am having the same issue! Reference # 100116-000008