Drobo v2: 4x 750 GB HD

I have 4x750 GB HDs in my Drobo in one single 2 TB volume (NTFS formatted). They work fine.

Apparently there is 40 GB more space that could be put into a second 2 TB volume. So Drobo dashboard tells me.

Are there any negative side effect if I don’t do this? I don’t need these additional 40 GB in a second volume.

I would have created another 2TB when I upgraded the drives to larger ones. No need to do it for just 40GB.

(Remember that usable space is the sum of the 3 smallest drives. The largest is used for parity. You need to change 2 drives if you need more space.)

while there is no downside, sometimes its nice to have more than one volume… and if you did create a second volume, it wouldn’t just be those 40gb - it would appear as a 2tb volume, but you could use all the free space from your first volume (i.e. the total free space on your drobo is shared across all volumes. - if you had 300gb free - you could add 300gb of data to either of your two 2tb volumes)

Downside to not formatting:

You won’t have the 40GB available to use.

You will be prompted to format it every time you reboot your drobo.