Drobo V1 Max drive size


Would anyone Know what the biggest tb size drive you can put in the first ever drobos with the last firmware which I believe is 1.3.8. ?

also How long would you expect a nas or a drobo to last provided it hasn’t been damaged , overheated , lighting strike - too much dust etc .

Thanks in advance


2TB drives are the maximum possible.

Apart from the fan there are no moving parts in the box so in theory it should last as long as any other piece of electronics. The cooling on the V1’s is marginal though, which if you run with a heavy load in a hot room can shorten its life. The drive lifetime will be just like it is anywhere else.

hi fabio,
having experienced some power outages due to storms or otherwise, my drobos are on a surge protector as well. if you do not have one it might be worth investigating further as could help protect a bit more and relatively cheap too.

(just be careful to understand how to use them properly when used together with other surge protectors/devices, or multiple plug socket extenders and non-surge protected sockets to avoid arcing)

one tip (and it might sound silly) is that i put my drobo psu bricks on a small metal baking tray for extra heat dissipation. nothing touches the metal, apart from the psu plastic case, or the wooden table/covering but they seem to run cooler since doing that)

Thanks for the info , I would have hope some of the info I ask was easily available but just hard to find when you have no time .

I have purchased new drives for my drobo v1 but have not committed to the new pack yet !

Hmm, that’s odd. I’ve got three 4 TB and one 1 TB drive in my Gen 1. On OS X 10.10.x and now 10.11.x. I’ve had no trouble, except that I had to format the disk pack into three volumes for use on the mac.

By the way, anybody know where a fella can find the users guide for this product? The Drobo web site is pretty unhelpful.



I don’t think you can have a Gen 1 then. The Gen 1 only has USB 2.0, and can only support up to 2TB drives. Does it have Firewire? If so it’s a Gen 2 and they do support >2TB drives.

@Spiney, I think you’re right. This Drobo does have fireware so it must be Gen 2. It’d be nice if there were identification info written somewhere obvious. Or if the Dashboard could tell me what the hardware is.

hi guezo, its good you now know which model you have.
maybe if you get a chance, feel free to suggest it here too as a dashboard feature as there is a feature request section in case the dev teams miss this thread: :slight_smile: