drobo v1: firmware PROBLEM v1.3.5 to v1.3.7 - fixed

hi guys, a few days ago i upgraded my dashboard to latest version, v1.7.3.
and then later that day the firmware on my v2 drobo (from v1.3.5 to v1.3.7).

now that things were working ok, i went to upgrade the firmware on my v1 drobo about 20mins ago, but have a problem :frowning:

when it said “click to reboot now to come into effect - and dont close down dashboard etc”,

i clicked on the reboot now button, and within a second, the same popup message appeared.

so i clicked it again, and then drwatson popped up due to DDservice.exe crashing. (i saved the dump rep in case).

mycomputer still showed the v1 drive volumes, but the dashboard was only now showing 1 tab (for the v2) instead of both v1 and v2 tabs).

nothing was happening, and the advanced controls and main dashboard were not responding, i waited, and the ddservice came up again (asking to act as a server so i said ok) (firewall thing).

so after waiting quite a bit, i checked my computer and the v1 data (root dir listing in windows explorer) was still available… so i closed it and closed down the dashboard and relaunced the dasboard.
it showed both v1 and v2 tabs again.

so i clicked on check for updates again, and this time it knew where it left off, and simply showed that reboot now button, so i clicked it, but nothings happening for around 15 mins…

i did a sysinternals process checker, to check for any HANDLES which might be locking something, and there is a file called “svchost.exe” which appears to have 3 HANDLEs open for each of my drobos.

  • ddservice.exe

ddservice.exe has a handle called “b:” (my v1 1st volume drive letter)

svchost.exe has handles called “j:” (my v1 2nd volume drive letter)

  • “J:$Extend$ObjId”
  • “J:\System Volume Information\tracking.log”


svchost.exe has handles called “o:” (my v2 1st volume drive letter)

  • “o:$Extend$ObjId”
  • “o:\System Volume Information\tracking.log”


svchost.exe has handles called “k:” (my v2 2nd volume drive letter)

  • “k:$Extend$ObjId”
  • “k:\System Volume Information\tracking.log”

(excuse the puns, they seemed to follow on nicely, O.K and B.J so i know what volumes are from which hardware LOL) :smiley:

but seriously, im not sure what do i now, and the 2 dashboard windows are not responding and dont want to lose any data :frowning: ?[hr]
hmm, now theres no handles for b:

but ddservice.exe now shows an extra handle for j:[hr]
i clicked on task manager, applicaitons tab
and rightclicked on one of the two “Not Responding” dashboard entries there and said “go to process”.

one of them pointed to “drobodashboard.exe” (as i thought)
and the other one pointed to “explorer.exe”

(i ended explorer.exe in case it was handing for something)

no change.
starting explorer.exe again…[hr]
now i get a popup saying the volume appears to be busy and preventing dashboard from issuing standby command (close all programs and try again) and dasboard is responding again[hr]
As My Computer is still showing both volumes available on the drobo v1 (the one that i am trying to also bring up to date with the firmware), i think i’ll do the safest thing which is to run another mirror synch backup on to the v2.

(something i should have done before the firmware, but is only a few days since the last one and thought i could risk it) - heh (hopefully not famous last words).

now will wait and let it do its backup thing, before attempting a full windows shutdown (if nothing received back here by then - eg tomorrow) :slight_smile:

Have you shut down the computer, waited for Drobo to go “lights-out,” then power-cycled the Drobo (so it has a cold start)?

I find that sometimes the firmware updates go without a hitch, other times the Drobo needs a power-cycle for them to apply correctly.

ahh no, not yet…
i thought id let my backup run to make sure everything on the v1 is on the (already furmware-upgraded) v2.

and then i’ll try your suggestion for sure :slight_smile:

thanks bhiga,
after the backup completed, i did a full shutdown, and when all lights were out (on both drobos) i powered everything down.

then i restarted them (without pc on) and only the v2 went through the motions…
the v1 came up with all 4 bay lights RED (no flashes, just solid red… it gave me a scare lol :frowning:

so i did another powerdown of both drobos (the v2 meanwhile had faded to black etc) and the v1 was still showing red, and when i powered them up much later on, they both cycled up as per normal.

now windows shows both drobos in the tab, and the Upgrade button says everything on each (and dashboard) is already up to date. phew :)[hr]
TAKE-AWAYs for DRI team…
= to read through these “real life experiences” for team reference.
and to add in some more messages into the proceed buttons during upgrades, such as “if you encounter xys or the unit starts with all red lights for at least 10mins, do xys etc”.

  • to make sure this “forum” is fully backed up. (extremely important - otherwise im sure you’ll potentially lose loyal followers if theres a crash and it all goes blank)

Glad to hear it’s all back to normal now!

cheers, i’ll update the original post icon with the thumbs up