Drobo v1 - Dashboard 1.8.4 & OSX 10.11 - Ready for Connection

I have installed the Drobo Dashboard 1.8.4 to use with my v1 drobo, the drobo itself works fine, shows as a regular drive on OSX, but the Dashboard won’t see it, just says “Ready for Connection”

Is the old dashboard incompatible with El Capitain ? is there anything I can do to make it see the drobo unit ?

Sorry if it’s been asked before, did a search but didn’t found anything.


hi nullmind,
im not sure which versions would work on elcapitan, (though i would assume all newer versions would always support all models that work on that o/s), but you might be able to try some other dashboard versions from here:

I believe drobo v1 can only use up to 1.8.4 … anybody has any indication otherwise ?

i was able to use dashboard 2.1.2 (on windows) to connect to and access my gen2 (when i needed data mirrored on it when my gen1 and its regular computer) recently had issues, but i dont remember hooking up my gen1 to it as well, though maybe some other users will happen to know…

maybe one thing you could try in the meantime would be to double check the firewall / security settings on the mac, just in case dashboard is missing some runtime or access permissions?

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I’m having the same problem.

I’m using a Gen 1 Drobo on OS X El Capitan [10.11.6] with Drobo Dashboard v1.8.4, and Dashboard never connects to the Drobo.
I had previously tried on a different computer running a newer version of Dashboard, but that didn’t work either.
I’m unable to verify the firmware version [for obvious reasons].

The Drobo is working fine as an external drive, but without Dashboard I’m unable to verify the health of or how the disks are being used, or check for firmware updates, etc…

hi blazing dragon, i saw your recent post here about planning some larger drive upgrades:

can i check if your dashboard was working before you had posted that, or is it possible that it had stopped before and you just happened to not have used dashboard much recently until trying again now?

if you have access to another computer (or a friends one you can borrow) :slight_smile: with some other versions of mac os or dashboard to try, are you able to gain access again?


Thanks for the reply.

That other thread was referring to a Gen 2 Drobo [that I don’t have any issues with]… I have both a 1st and 2nd Gen.

Regarding versions of Drobo Dashboard, I have previously tried with multiple versions on other computers… and this computer i actually downgraded back to v1.8.4 [unistall and reinstall] after it no longer worked.
I do have multiple Macs, so I can try again this weekend…

ah ok thanks for the info, please let us know how things go for you

Using Drobo Dashboard 2.5.2 on Yosemite Drobo Gen 1 (USB). Upon upgrading to 10.11, it broke the Dashboard and Drobo Gen 1 would only mount 50% of the time.

I downgrade back to Yosemite.